Desafío 2014: Marruecos, Las Mil y Una Noches
Temporada 27
Locación Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley, Philippines[1]
Fecha de emisión September 18 - December 2013
Fechas de filmación May 19-June 27 2013
Desafiantes 20
Equipos Plantilla:Tribeicon
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Previous Season Plantilla:S2

Survivor: Blood vs Water is the 27th installment of Survivor. It features previous contestants competing against their loved ones.


Jeff Probst stated during the Survivor: Caramoan reunion that he was leaving to film Survivor: Blood vs. Water on May 13, 2013. He stated a "game changing" twist would be involved. He then confirmed the season would begin airing on September 18, 2013, with a 90-minute premiere. Casting call was the same, and shortlist contestants included: contestant Ashley Underwood, who couldn't compete due to both her partner and her back-up partner being unable to play [2]. Former Survivor: Palau winner, Tom Westman, was asked but declined. [3] Greg Buis from the original Survivor also declined the offer to appear again [4]. Bobby Jon Drinkard from Survivor: Palau and Survivor: Guatemala participated in the casting, but was cut. Tom Buchanan and Lex van den Berghe, both from Survivor: Africa and Survivor: All-Stars, declined due the production of their new reality television program, Family Beef [5]. Jamie Newton from Survivor: Guatemala and Jerri Manthey from Survivor: The Australian Outback, Survivor: All-Stars, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains were considered for the season, but their partners were unable to play with them. Malcolm Freberg from Survivor: Philippines and Survivor: Caramoan was asked to come back for a third straight season and play with his brother, but he declined. Troyzan Robertson from Survivor: One World and his partner were the male/male alternates for the season.

contestant R.C. Saint-Amour was originally slated to be on this season with her father, Craig. Upon arriving on location (24 hours before "Day Zero"), the older Saint-Amour's blood pressure sharply shot up, and was confined in a hospital in Makati City. They were replaced by Candice Woodcock-Cody and her husband. [6]

RC claimed that the theme of the season was initially "blood pairs vs. water pairs", but that production decided to change to "returnees vs. loved ones", when she and her father had to be replaced by Candice and John;[7] however, this has not been confirmed by CBS.


  • Returning Players: In mid-May 2013, it was revealed that this season would feature returning players.[8]
  • Blood vs Water: Players will be paired with a competing family member or loved one on the cast. Every castaway will be playing individually, so they will remain in the game even if their family member is voted out. This season, the pairs will be comprised of returning players and their loved ones, where the returnees would be put in one tribe, while all of their loved ones would be put in another.[9]
  • Day Zero: A day before the actual game starts, the 10 pairs will be sent out at sunset to 10 different locations to live by themselves for the night, under the notion that the pairs will be placed in the same tribe. They will then all meet up to be officially welcomed by host Jeff Probst and start the game the next morning.[10]
  • First Impressions: Moments after meeting each other, each team will vote one member off their tribe. They will be sent to Redemption Island.[11]
  • Redemption Island: Anyone voted out will be sent there and will then compete in a three-person duel. The last place finisher in each contest is out of the game for good, while the top two remain. However, if someone’s loved one is on Redemption Island they can take their loved one’s place before a duel.[12]
  • Hidden Immunity Idol: The person who finishes first in each duel will also get to give a clue to the location of a Hidden Immunity Idol to any person from either tribe that they choose.[13]If a castaway wins a game-returning duel, the castaway could also keep the clue.
  • Tribe Swap: On Day 14, the remaining castaways randomly drew for new tribes.


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped
Finish Redemption
Island Status
Starting Day 1
70px Rupert Boneham
49, Indianapolis, IN
Plantilla:S4, Plantilla:S4 & Plantilla:S4
Plantilla:Tribename Switched
Day 1
1st Eliminated
Day 4
70px Colton Cumbie
22, Collinsville, AL
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Quit
Day 7
70px Rachel Foulger
33, Provo, UT
Tyson's Girlfriend
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 4th Voted Out
Day 6
2nd Eliminated
Day 7
70px Marissa Peterson
21, Chapel Hill, NC
Gervase's Niece
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 3rd Voted Out
Day 3
3rd Eliminated
Day 9
70px Candice Cody
30, Washington, DC
Plantilla:S4 & Plantilla:S4
Plantilla:Tribename 2nd Voted Out
Day 1
4th Eliminated
Day 11
70px Brad Culpepper
44, Tampa Bay, FL
Monica's Husband
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 6th Voted Out
Day 10
5th Eliminated
Day 14
70px Kat Edorsson
24, Orlando, FL
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 8th Voted Out
Day 16
6th Eliminated
Day 17
70px John Cody
30, Washington, DC
Candice's Husband
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 5th Voted Out
Day 8
7th Eliminated
Day 19
70px Laura Boneham
44, Indianapolis, IN
Rupert's Wife
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 1st Voted Out
Day 1
Day 1
9th Voted Out
Day 18
8th Eliminated
Day 19
70px Aras Baskauskas
31, Santa Monica, CA
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 10th Voted Out
Day 21
On Redemption
70px Vytas Baskauskas
33, Santa Monica, CA
Aras' Brother
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 11th Voted Out
Day 22
On Redemption
70px Tina Wesson
52, Robbinsville, NC
Plantilla:S4 & Plantilla:S4
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 12th Voted Out
Day 24
On Redemption
70px Caleb Bankston
26, Collinsville, AL
Colton's Fiancé
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename
70px Ciera Eastin
24, Salem, OR
Laura M.'s Daughter
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 8
70px Gervase Peterson
43, Philadelphia, PA
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 1
70px Hayden Moss
26, Springtown, TX
Kat's Boyfriend
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename
70px Katie Collins
25, New York, NY
Tina's Daugther
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 3
70px Laura Morett
43, Salem, OR
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 7th Voted Out
Day 13
1st Returnee
Day 19
70px Monica Culpepper
42, Tampa Bay, FL
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 1
70px Tyson Apostol
34, Provo, UT
Plantilla:S4 & Plantilla:S4
Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename Plantilla:Tribename 2


  • The following castaways were on Redemption Island after the specific Tribe Switches happened, which means they don't have any tribe affiliation during that time: Candice and Rupert after the Day 1 Post-Loved One Switch; John and Laura M. after the Day 14 Tribe Swap and before the Merge.

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  • With the Day Zero twist, Blood vs. Water is the second longest season, lasting 39.5 days, following Survivor: The Australian Outback, which was filmed in 42 days instead of the standard 39.
  • The US Survivor franchise is the second version to adapt a couples format, following the Philippine version, which had pairs of celebrities, each with a pre-existing relationship.
  • Instead of revealing the location during the previous season's Reunion Show, Jeff showed a clue, which was a short clip of blood spreading in water. The second clue was the same as the first, only with the season logo shown for a split second afterwards.
  • This is the first time Survivor has filmed three consecutive seasons on the same country, with , and Blood vs Water all being shot in the Philippines.
    • This is the second season that is filmed in another location within a previous host country. Survivor: The Amazon and were both filmed in Brazil, albeit in different locations; namely, Rio Negro and Rio Novo, respectively.
  • This is the ninth season to feature returning players.
    • This is the third season in a row to feature returning players. This is the longest consecutive streak of seasons with returning players.
    • This is also the third season in a row to feature returning players who were eliminated before the merge/jury phase.
    • This is the first time to have two back to back seasons with half the castaways being returning players.
  • It was revealed in Ashley Underwood's interview that all participants had a partner, and a back-up partner. [14]
  • This is the first season to feature returning winners but not have four returning winners.
    • Other seasons to feature former winners are Survivor: All-Stars and each had four previous winners competing.
    • This is also the first time that previous winners are competing in a season with new players.
  • This season marks the return of Redemption Island, which had been absent since .
    • This is also the first season to feature Redemption Island and female Returnees.
    • This is the first season to feature both Redemption Island and returning players but have more than 2 returning players.
    • This is also the first season to feature Redemption Island in a 20-castaway format.
  • This season marks the only time Rupert Boneham and Candice Cody didn't make the merge or jury phase.
    • This is also the only time Candice didn't place 8th.
  • This is the first season with Redemption Island in which a male contestant was the 1st person eliminated.
  • This is the second season where the first two people eliminated from the game were eliminated by means other than being voted out. The first was Survivor: Palau.
    • Also after Palau, this is the second season where the first two people eliminated from the game had no votes cast against them.
  • This is the second season where the first two people eliminated from the game were male. The first was .
  • This is the first season ever to have three players eliminated (Rupert, Colton, and Candice) without any of them ever attending a Tribal Council.
  • The font used for the tribe names this season is "Totally Glyphic."[15]



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